AARRR Prioritization Framework Template


Metrics for optimizing funnel of product growth.

  • Acquisition—arrives from marketing channels telling about the product.

  • Activation—visitors converted into active users (e.g. passes onboarding).

  • Retention—users returning to use the product.

  • Referral—people spreading the word about the product.

  • Revenue—convert active users into paying customers.

How it works

What to do first for optimizing product growth funnel.

  1. Transform AARRR steps into scoring criteria for Weighted Scoring Matrix.

  2. Decide on criteria weights to focus on specific goals more. E.g. Retention is more important now.

  3. Decide on the score scale. E.g. estimates in affected users or just scores from 1 to 5.

  4. Add Effort Criterion with negative weight to consider development.

  5. Prioritize all product related tasks with scores for all tasks by each AARRR step.

AARRR score = A(Score x Weight) + A(S x W) + R(S x W) + R(S x W) + R(S x W) - Effort (score x weight)

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