Get The most business impactful features to market 5x faster

Get The most business impactful features to market 5x faster

Get The most business impactful features to market 5x faster

Ducalis is a fully integrated suite of decision-making tools to help your team make the most impactful things.

Resolving the 'what-should-we-do-next' dilemma

for top-notch product teams

Resolving the

'what-should-we-do-next' dilemma

for top-notch product teams

Resolving the 'what-should-we-do-next' dilemma

for top-notch product teams

Works with Your Task Tracker

No need to switch tools. Set up 2-way sync in under 3 minutes.
Get tasks from the backlog in Ducalis. Sync back from Ducalis to your task tracker.

Smooth 2-Way Sync

There is no vendor lock and no tool switching.

  • Sync in your tasks, sub-tasks, custom fields, etc.

  • Sync back priority score, task estimations, user's upvotes, etc.

  • Create tasks in Ducalis and capture user requests. Push them back to your task or link.

Always up to date

No more outdated spreadsheets. Instant issue updates from the task tracker will be caught by Ducalis. No page reloads.

Forget coping your task list back and forth from your task tracker to spreadsheets.

With the real-time sync, you'll get the list of tasks ready for prioritization as soon as it will be created or updated in your task tracker.

Combine Different Task Trackers

Connect multiple task trackers for end-to-end prioritization.

Sync-Back Schedule

Get prioritization and evaluation data to the task tracker when you need it.

Push To Task Tracker

Create tasks in Ducalis and push them in one click to your task tracker.

Dependency Management

Consider priorities and blockers at the same time.

Built-in Task Tracker

Create tasks on the go within Ducalis without tab switching.

Works via VPN

Connects excellent with Jira Server under your firewall, even on a free plan.

Share Roadmap. Track User’s Requests.

Having well-structured user feedback is essential to make the right product decisions.
We encourage the product teams to be more open to customer requests.
Capture users' feedback, and link your backlog. Remove the gap between your customers' voices and the product development team.

Customer Needs at Your Backlog

Know who you are building for that next feature. See the full context for your tasks. External customer feedback with ARR, number of sessions, sign-up date, etc. Internal task description with priorities, tech specks, and teammates discussion.

Control Access

Know your customers. Use SSO to authorize them with your product's credentials.

Set who can read, upvote and comment. Anybody on the internet or just a limited number of valued customers.

Make It Yours

Customize logo, colors, domain, email domain, language, and voting scale.

Custom Statuses

Tailor the voting board to your workflow. Go beyond 'Under Review' and 'In progress.'

Link with Existing Backlog

Create tasks in Ducalis and push in one click to your task tracker.

Upvotes w/ Your Data

What features do our enterprise EU customers demand? Add custom properties to users' upvotes.

Feedback Template

Frame your questions for a user requests.

SSO (login-less auth)

Pre-authorize users to avoid extra signups. Be sure that a new request from your user or not.

Cross-Team Prioritization

Prioritization is a team sport. Collect different opinions on the impacts and efforts of each task in your backlog. Eliminate the possibility of biased decision-making and HIPPO effect.
Apply any prioritization frameworks or build your own.

Any Prioritization Framework

Choose prioritization from our template library. Add your custom criteria. Set up own evaluation scale. Check Template Library.

Role-Specific Criteria

Involve your teammates from other departments to share their opinions on task importance by assigning their role-specific criteria. Consider business and technical points of view with one prioritization framework.

Backlog Sync from Task Tracker

Start prioritizing your backlog from the task tracker in under two minutes.

Send Priority Back to Task Tracker

Get the prioritization. results back to the task tracker to sort and filter

Eisenhower Matrix

Visualize your priorities in 2 dimensions to find quick wins.

Dependency Management

Link tasks to see blockers across different projects and task trackers.

Custom Columns

Adjust custom fields' look and order to be in the proper context.

Fast Filters

Slice and dice your backlog a go. Swing from our group of tasks to another.

Asynchronous Evaluation Poker

There are no right or wrong answers in task size estimations. There are different opinions. It's good to spot those differences. Ducalis has all the best agile practices for estimates: collect assessments separately without influencing each other's views. Check the team alignment report to discuss what's needed.

Evaluation Poker

Like classic Scrum Poker, each member does it at their own pace, and you discuss low-alignment tasks only.

Team Alignment

Collect all relevant opinions within your or adjacent teams and spot any misunderstandings early on. Discuss only the areas of disagreement and save dozens of hours on sync-up meetings. Do it all 100% remotely or in a hybrid work environment.

Separated Evaluation

For each team member to non-bias and is less interfered with each other's opinions.

Custom Evaluation Scale

From Classic Fibonacci Sequence to any numbers and orders.

Edit Final Score

Set your rules on the final score estimation update: consensus or by your team lead.

Sprint Facilitator

Flexible role settings to collect estimations from your teammates.

Score Expiration

Set time limits for your evaluated scores to ensure your priorities are updated.

Automate Estimation Collection

No more manual reminding teammates to fill their estimations.

Keep In Loop About New Features

After your hardworking new features for your product, you need to inform your users. Save time and inform people who vote on that idea, send emails, and publish on your website.


Set your update schedule, define the release notes template, and connect with your task tracker and Ducalis will generate and deliver your release notes automatically.


Reduce your manual writing, coding, testing, and sending your release notes to multiple channels. Ducalis can generate an email newsletter, dedicated page, and announcing widget.

Easy-to-use Editor

Visual release notes builder help write and send beautiful updates in minutes.

Scheduling Updates

Set monthly, weekly, or other schedules to craft auto-release note updates.

Reactions on Release notes (soon)

Collect user feedback on what you're shipping to them.

Import Emails

Inform any number of users by importing your user base.

Reading Analytics

Know who is really into your updates.


Save 20x time on release notes composing with templates.

High Rated Trust and Reliability

Ducalis is one of the leaders in Product Management on G2

Prioritisation made easy

I always struggled to find the most suitable tool to prioritise backlog and ideas. Some platforms were too complex. Others are way too expensive. Then, I came across Ducalis, and from the start, I realised it was the right tool for my team, as it avoided said problems. A super-straight integration and smooth usage helped onboard us and got the team into Ducalis.

Pablo A.

A very helpful tool for getting ideas from your users

We got 200+ tickets from our new users in a few weeks, and it was pretty easy to manage them. I could score and prioritize them straight away in Ducalis, and after, I could push it to my dev team ticketing system for the implementation stage.

Nik G.

Great service, great support!

Convenient service for prioritization. It makes our life much easier. It's quick, lightweight, responsive, and friendly. No extra work for sync anymore. I would especially like to underline their support. I think it is the best support I've ever dealt with. Great job!


Shared prioritisation and voting is a great idea

What problems is the product solving, and how is that benefiting you? 1. Team prioritization. Now it is much faster and saves time and effort. 2. Gathering feedback from both internal and external stakeholders. 3. Less switching between pages or applications. 4. Internal approval of projects.


Ducalis—The Decision-Making Toolkit

Ducalis helps companies capture user requests, estimate job size, prioritize the backlog, inform about new features, and much more.

Ducalis—The Decision-Making Toolkit

Ducalis helps companies capture user requests, estimate job size, prioritize the backlog, inform about new features, and much more.