Changelog Tool

Put your product updates on autopilot

Save 80% of the time on writing, designing, translating, sending, and publishing release notes.

User-Centric Feedback Collection

Make voting boards convenient and familiar for your users.

Aligned with Branding

Customize the look and feel to create a familiar brand experience for your user.

Speaks Your Language

Welcome users in their language. User Interface and notifications in any language.

Adicionar ideia

Add Idea

Добавить Идею

Añadir Idea

Fikir Ekle

Додати Ідею

Organize Easily

Merge, duplicate, and move ideas across boards for better information navigation.

Copy to another board

Move to another board

Merge with…


Unlink from backlog

Similarity Suggestion

No need to search before posting. Similar ideas and suggestions as users are typing.

Not interested

😐 Good if you do that someday

👍 Nice to have. Use it occasionally

🤩 It will make me use the product more often

😍 I'd love to have it!

😖 Blocks my product usage

Vote on Your Scale

Customize the voting points and their meaning for your audience.

Your sugesstion:

Add Chat GPT inegration

Please provide additional context:

What would you like to be able to do?

How would that help you?

How important is this for you?

I'd love to have it!

Ask More Details

Predefine a template for helping users leave more contexted feedback.

Friendly Domains

Land the voting board on your website and email domains with SSL & TSL support.








security: <>

Company Release Notes #15

Standard encryption (TLS)






Company <>

Company Release Notes #15

Standard encryption (TLS)

Custom Statuses

Add, rename, and reorganize idea statuses for your needs.

Fast Lables

Don't make your users wait. Search, filter, navigation in real time on one page.

Mobile Ready

User-friendly UI on any screen.

Flexible Access Options

Four main use cases of the voting board. Control who can read and write ideas.

Public or Private

You choose if requests are visible to everyone or restrict access to anonymous readers

Visible to search engines

Open for Indexation


Meta Data

Pagespeed High Score

Search Engine Friendly

Expose your search traffic with public roadmap content. Just turn on SEO-friendly mode.

Establish VIP Access

Invite only specific voters. Limit access to your voting board by domain or a list of emails.

dclsPxl("initWidget", {
    appId: "",
    boardId: "",
    user: {
     email: "",
     name: "",
     company: "",
     avatar: "",
     userID: "",
     hash: "",
dclsPxl("initWidget", {
    appId: "2314",
    boardId: "88",
    user: {
     email: "",
     name: "Sara khan",
     company: "Amazon",
     avatar: "",
     userID: "192_23",
     hash: "#28dhuY#5@&*UDH((S",

No Sign Up Needed (SSO)

Don't ask your existing users to signup for another tool. Use SDK for pre-authorization of your current users.

Product Backlog Connection

It's not easy to manage multiple backlogs—link requests with task tracker issues.

Link Request with Backlog

See the complete picture: development and customer sides for task tracker issues and customer requests.

Automate Status Updates

Keep voting ideas statuses updated by syncing them with your task tracker.

AI For Roadmap writing

With just one click, AI can write a public summary of your backlog issue description using your chosen template and language.

Requests at your product Backlog

Know exactly who is demanding, why, and what they expect from your team.

Push to Task Tracker

Push customer requests to Ducalis' backlog for future prioritization or directly to your task tracker.

Context For Each Request

Analyze requests with the users' custom properties like MRR, industry, sign-up date, etc.

User Name

Pablo Budzisz

Account Name

ACME, inc.








180 days

Account Users


Amount Spent


Enrich voters’ data

Add any of your data for voters: MRR, Company Name, SignUp Date, Last activity, etc.

Vote On Behalf Others

Subscribe customers manually to idea updates you've discussed with them in person

Powerful User's Request Segmentation

Know exactly who is demanding, why, and what they expect from your team.

Create multiple segments based on voter's properties, ideas' age, priority scores, task complexity estimations, and task tracker fields in any possible combination with real-time data and a lightspeed user interface.

Keep in the Loop Automatically

With no additional effort, inform request authors about all updates of their ideas.

Individual updates

Requesters, commenters, and upvoters will automatically get all updates on their ideas.

Voting Board Auto-Digests

Engage Subscribers with your roadmap auto-updates: It shares what you've done and what you are working on.

High Rated Trust and Reliability

Ducalis is a leader in Product Management on G2

Products in the High Performer quadrant in the Grid® Report have high customer Satisfaction scores and low Market Presence scores compared to the rest of the Product Management Software category.

The Easiest Doing Business With product in the Relationship Index earned the highest Ease of Doing Business With rating in the Product Management Software category

Prioritisation made easy

I always struggled to find the most suitable tool to prioritise backlog and ideas. Some platforms were too complex. Others are way too expensive. Then, I came across Ducalis, and from the start, I realised it was the right tool for my team, as it avoided said problems. A super-straight integration and smooth usage helped onboard us and got the team into Ducalis.

Pablo A.

A very helpful tool for getting ideas from your users

We got 200+ tickets from our new users in a few weeks, and it was pretty easy to manage them. I could score and prioritize them straight away in Ducalis, and after, I could push it to my dev team ticketing system for the implementation stage.

Nik G.

Great service, great support!

Convenient service for prioritization. It makes our life much easier. It's quick, lightweight, responsive, and friendly. No extra work for sync anymore. I would especially like to underline their support. I think it is the best support I've ever dealt with. Great job!