Share Your Roadmap. Track User’s Requests.

Nice design for any screen. Customize look and feel to reflect your band. Connect custom domain. Having well-structured user feedback is essential to make the right product decisions. By introducing Voting Boards we encourage the product teams to be more open to customer requests. We believe that both product and your user sides are finally in the same boat because their achievements depend on each other's success.

Customer Needs at Your Backlog

Know who you are building for that next feature. See the full context for your tasks. External customer’s feedback with ARR, number of sessions, sign up date, etc. Internal task description with priorities, tech specks and temamates discussion.

Control Access

No more outdated manually copied spreadsheet. Instant issue updates from task tracker will be caught by Ducalis. No page reloads.

Make It Yours

Customize: logo, colors, domain, email domain, language, voting scale

Custom Statuses

Get prioritization and evaluation data to task tracker when you need it.

Link with Existing Backlog

Create tasks in Ducalis and push in one click to your task tracker.

Enrich w/ Your Data

Link tasks to see blockers across different projects and task trackers.

Feedback Template

Break lager tasks into smaller pieces of work.

SSO (login-less auth)

Works great with Jira Server hosted on your side (even on a free plan).